Welcome To The Hygiene Café

Even if you have the best chefs and a gun wait staff team, scoring badly on a health inspection can be devastating for your café. When the world’s best restaurant was faced with a health crisis that badly damaged their reputation, they learned the value of hygiene standards the hard way. The good news is getting a perfect score on your health inspection is not hard. Let Kleenduct WA take care of your grease filter exchange and regular commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning and have peace of mind when the health inspectors come to visit. Here’s where we can help:


For commercial kitchens, meeting Australian Standards requires regular cleaning and filter changes (especially where greasy build-ups can start a fire). At the bare minimum filters need to be changed at least every month, canopies should be cleaned twice a year, and the fans and ducting must be checked and cleaned annually.

Generally larger hotels and high volume kitchens look after commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning more frequently. Your venue’s insurance policy will tell you how often the maintenance and cleaning needs to happen – Kleenduct WA is also on call to deal with duct cleaning, grease removal, and ad-hoc cleaning in the cool rooms and freezers when chefs or customers complain about dust buildup or poor air quality.

High-Pressure Cleaning

Don’t forget the roof area of your kitchen exhaust system! This is an area often overlooked by restaurants and cafés as access can be tricky and staff don’t usually have a reason to go up there. Grease, waste matter, even dead birds can build up and within a few months, the roof can become a complete mess.

Kleenduct WA is Perth’s high-pressure cleaning experts and we don’t mind getting our hands dirty. We are frequently contacted by shopping centres and large chains to clean the roof area as part of regular air duct cleaning. Hotels, too – Perth’s hotel industry are also at the forefront of regular combined kitchen exhaust duct and roof cleaning to provide good air quality for their employees and a hygienic environment for their guests.


Bathrooms in restaurants and hotels see a lot of use which brings in all sorts of bacteria, smells, and dust. Imagine your home’s bathroom multiplied by hundreds and you start to get a picture of why a high standard of cleanliness in hospitality bathrooms is essential.

Bathroom fans and exhausts have different health standards to kitchens but that doesn’t change the responsibility of the venue. When a customer complains about dust or poor hygiene the venue’s reputation gets thrown into question, and that’s where we come in.

Kleenduct WA has a number of clients in the hotel and hospitality industry who trust us to clean every inch of their bathroom exhaust system. The venues are happy when the customers are happy, so our expert cleaning teams keep the patrons in mind at all times.

Kleenduct WA and your health inspection

Don’t wait until the health inspector gives your venue a poor review to call in the experts. The best way to maintain a high standard of cleanliness for your customers and the Health Department is to employ regular cleaning of your venue, inside and out. This means grease filter exchanges, thorough kitchen exhaust cleaning, and high-pressure cleaning of the roof.

When it comes to air quality and Australian health standards, contact the experts at Kleenduct WA and find out why so many commercial venues across Perth trust our team.