Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

It is important to have regular Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, as grease and particulate buildup in the exhaust system is a fire hazard, and greatly impacts on the efficiency and lifetime of mechanical equipment. A build up of grease on the exhaust fan may cause it to burn out or malfunction creating a fire hazard. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the majority of restaurant fires originate on the kitchen cooking appliances and flare into the kitchen exhaust system. If the entire exhaust system is not cleaned, a significant risk for fire exists throughout the building, whenever cooking appliances are used.

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The quality of our thorough and efficient kitchen exhaust cleaning services is the same in a small commercial kitchens as in a large international hotel restaurant with multiple extraction systems. We take great care to clean the canopies by hand with only the best and most effective chemicals, which are all approved for use in food service areas. Any cleaning done near electrical wiring, such as fan modules, is done through dry cleaning. After the cleaning of the canopy is completed we apply a polish to ensure your canopy looks its best. Our staff are able to come onsite at anytime of the day or night.


 Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service Overview

  • Thorough and efficient
  • Small commercial kitchens right up to large restaurants with multiple extraction systems
  • Canopies hand cleaned
  • Dry cleaning around electrical