Mining & Remote

Mining Services

At Kleenduct WA, we have extensive experience providing services to some of Australia's largest and best-known mining companies with operations in the Gascoyne, Great Southern, Kimberly, Pilbara, Peel and Great Southern regions across Western Australia.

Mine Site Services

Kitchen and laundry exhaust cleaning services for fire prevention, and mould remediation for efficiency and safety are the two primary services we carry out at mine sites.

Kitchen and laundry exhaust services

At remote camps, the majority of our work is related to ensuring that the main kitchen’s exhaust complies with fire prevention regulations, fulfilling insurance requirements and the Australian Standards 1851.

Reguardless of the type of mining site, our kitchen and laundry exhaust services are available to support all operations. We also offer our services offshore on oil rigs; due to the highly flammable environment, a laundry or kitchen on a rig requires routine exhaust cleaning.

Mould remediation

This is essential for hot and humid environments, not only to maintain exhaust quality, but also for the health of those inhabiting the mining sites. This service is suited to very remote camps with 200+ dongas, where we clean each split system AC.

We also offer mould remediation services for the interiors of mine site exhaust systems. A process which involves cleaning and sanitising the AC ducts, vents and filters. To prevent mould growth, we spray an anti-microbial growth sealant onto the ductwork interiors; the manufacturer we use for the sealant offers a 10-year warranty.

Remote Capability

At Kleenduct WA, we are aware of the risks that can come with working remotely, and so our internal training and screening process is extremely thorough. All of our employees working on remote mine sites meet the specific requirements for this working environment. We ensure this by paying for and providing training for working at heights, as well as isolation of services (where electrical equipment is disconnected prior to servicing).

Most of our mining site employees have 4WD training, and all of our employees are screened to ensure they have a valid driver’s license, construction card (white card) and police check. Random alcohol and drug testing is also conducted.

Why Choose Kleenduct WA

With 24/7 customer service, advanced technology, regular employee training and a fully certified workforce, Kleenduct WA provides only the safest and most efficient mine site services.

Air Quality Testing

Mine Services

Kleenduct WA has experience providing services to some of Australia's largest and best known mining companies, including commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

Air Quality Testing

Remote Capability

WA's regional and remote areas can present specific challenges, in terms of climate, humidity and dust. No matter where in WA you are, Kleenduct can help.