Riser Cleaning


Riser Cleaning

Riser cleaning is critical in keeping unwanted particles away from your exhaust system. An accumulation of contaminant sometimes goes unseen, and a clean system, including your risers, is mandatory in WA inspections. Our technicians use special tools designed to meticulously clean your exhaust’s risers. During our initial inspection, we verify the cleanliness of all elements including risers.

Kleenduct WA has a specialised department dedicated to any cleaning requiring rope access cleaning e.g. Inside vertical riser duct-work of any high rise buildings.

Riser Cleaning Service Overview

  • Keep damaging particles away from exhaust system
  • Specialised rope access for cleaning inside riser duct-work of any high rise buildings
  • We clean the contaminants that are often missed
  • Specialist tools ensure meticulous clean


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