About Us

How Kleenduct WA began

Director of Kleenduct WA, Paul James has been in the industry since June 1986. James was first involved in a national company called Johnson Industrial Pty Ltd, which was re-branded as Kleenduct WA in March 2000. Since our establishment over 27 years ago, our company continues to thrive as a provider of premium, specialised ventilation hygiene services.

We have accrued an impressive and broad list of clients over the years, from defence departments and governments, to mining sites and clients in the education, commercial and industrial sectors. We also offer residential services.

The Team

41 dynamic, proactive and highly trained staff members currently make up the Kleenduct WA team.

Our Services

  • Year-round operations: You can count on our commercial duct cleaning services no matter what the time of year…we operate when it suits, 24/7 phone support and guaranteed response times means we’re always here to help.
  • Cleaning and exhaust services: From production, toilet, carpark and laundry exhaust systems, to factory cleaning overheads and full HVAC systems and everything in between, we offer services for countless requirements.
  • Specialised services: These include HVAC restoration services, such as fan rejuvenation, mould remediation and testing. We also offer building audit services, taking care of routine system inspections and reports.

Compliance & Certification

From fire prevention maintenance to HVAC hygiene, our licenses and permits meet all current Australian Standards and industry best practice standards for quality, safety and the environment.

Occupational Health & Safety

We take the safety of our clients, employees and the community seriously. With strict environmental and OH&S management systems and policies in place, we are obligated to maintaining a work environment that is hazard and risk-free.


Committed to ongoing training and professional staff development, Kleenduct WA contributes a high level of skills to the ventilation hygiene industry.

The end-result is only the best and most cost-effect commercial duct cleaning solutions in WA, and ultimately, customer satisfaction and safety.

Air Quality Testing

Knowledge & Experience

At Kleenduct WA, we pride ourselves on developing a strong working rapport with our clients. This ensures that the specific needs of each and every client are determined and met, and that jobs can be tailored to suit any budget. Our advice comes with the advantage of knowledge and ongoing experience

Busy Office

Health & Safety

On every job, our first priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our customers and our employees. This is paired with a determination to meet our quality and environmental policies – and all while striving to improve and exceed customer expectations.


Honesty & Integrity

Over the years we have gained a reputation of offering the highest level of customer service, not excluding customers in remote regions and offshore. This is combined with a promise to deliver exactly what we say we will deliver: every project is delivered efficiently, and with the utmost integrity,