Laundry Exhaust Cleaning

Laundry duct cleaningLaundry duct cleaning is required when your laundry dryer is taking longer to dry items. It is possible that the exhaust duct has been obstructed by lint and other debris. This will also increase running costs and fire hazard potential.  Our technicians will carry out a thorough laundry duct cleaning of your entire dryer’s exhaust system, to return your equipment to its original condition whilst lowering energy costs, decreasing drying times and removing any fire hazards.

Laundry Duct Cleaning Service Overview

  • Clear obstructed exhaust ducts
  • Decrease drying time
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Remove fire hazards
  • Return your equipment to its optimum capability


Click Here for further information on fire hazards associated with clogged laundry exhausts.