Is Your Workplace Making Your Employees Sick?

There are a lot of hidden spots in an office that can contribute to poor employee health, increased sick days, and a general feeling of being rundown around the workforce. This is known as Sick Building Syndrome, and refers to the various nonspecific illnesses that can plague a building’s occupants.

From door handles, to toilet seats, keyboards, desks, even paperwork, there are things employees can keep an eye on to maintain a clean and healthy work environment. Even small changes, like signage to encourage good hygiene, are good first steps. Regulating indoor humidity below 65%, repairing water leaks immediately, and regularly cleaning the HVAC system are some techniques that can be used to combat mould and contamination build-up.

One of the main contributors to poor health in the office is air quality. Indoor air quality is largely dependent on the building’s air duct system, which is why it is so important to regularly test the air quality and clean the office’s duct system. This is where we come in!

Air duct cleaning

Kleenduct WA believe there are several health benefits associated with regularly cleaning the air duct system in office and high rise buildings. We have been cleaning HVAC systems for years and can tell you the difference in air quality is very noticeable afterwards.

Some companies see air duct cleaning as a reactive measure, but usually by the time they discover a serious dust build-up or mould contamination in the vents, Sick Building Syndrome has set in and sick days are on the rise. Scheduling regular cleans like most of our clients will keep clean air circulating through the office and save countless dollars on staff absences without impacting the productivity of your office at all.

Mould Remediation

Mould showing up in the walls or roof is never a good sign. Small mould on visible areas can generally be cleaned with supermarket products, just like you would do at home. However once mould sets in – especially in air ducting – it causes sickness to spread through the office. Poor cleaning techniques like dry scrubbing can spread fungal spores which only exacerbate the problem. If you believe you need professional help then Kleenduct WA are happy to come and assess the extent of the problem and layout all the facts so you can make an informed decision.

Many air vent systems have areas where you can visually inspect for mould, but cleaning it often needs a professional touch – mould in the air ducts is a different story to a small patch on the walls. Kleenduct WA attack mould systematically, identifying the full scope of the problem and properly cleaning the area to make sure no spores are left.

High pressure cleaning for high pressure offices

Scheduling regular mould inspections is a good way to check the workplace for signs the Sick Building Syndrome could be lurking. If you spot the warning signs it is time to get the professionals in. Kleenduct WA are Perth’s experts in air duct cleaning, including dust build-up and mould remediation, servicing corporate clients all over the CBD and just about every suburb in the Perth area. Get in touch to find out how we can help keep your office breathe a little easier.