A Spotlight on Kleenduct WA’s Commercial Services

Running a commercial kitchen is a juggling act, what with so many things needing attention; menus, staffing, stock orders, Department of Health inspections, and of course regularly cleaning the exhausts and air ducts.

Kleenduct WA take the stress out of commercial air duct cleaning by scheduling regular visits to thoroughly clean our clients’ kitchen exhausts and air conditioning systems, eliminating fire risks and purifying the air for employees and patrons.

Commercial air conditioning duct cleaning

Air conditioning ducts which pump fresh air around the building need to be regularly cleaned to prevent bacteria and mould taking hold. Regular cleaning does more than keep your vents clean; Kleenduct WA’s commercial air conditioning cleaning stops dirty air spreading sickness and disease to patrons and employees.

Kleenduct WA have just about seen it all in terms of air conditioning systems, with our commercial clients ranging from small cafés to resorts to huge kitchens on remote mine sites. We are happy to share our secret for keeping commercial HVAC systems clean; we are incredibly thorough and encourage our clients to schedule regular cleans.

A common problem we encounter when cleaning commercial HVAC systems for the first time is a lack of any access doors installed into the ductwork. This indicates that no company has previously accessed them to conduct proper cleaning, which could mean you’re at risk of noncompliance with Australian Standards and State laws.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning

Standards set by State legislation, local council building approvals, facilities managers, and insurance companies require commercial kitchens to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. The exhaust system is particularly important, as the vast majority of fires in Perth restaurants start in the kitchen because of a neglected exhaust duct. Grease build up and poor ventilation can lead to catastrophic property damage, but the risks are easily mitigated with regular commercial cleaning.

The Kleenduct WA method is to start at the exit and work backwards. Many vent systems have vertical sections which can become clogged with flammable matter; our method of working inward from the fan ensures we cover all these sections and nothing is left behind.

Each air ventilation system in a commercial kitchen will have a canopy, ductwork, and an exhaust fan which needs regular cleaning. However, depending on the building layout and size of the kitchen, every system has different elements, and this is where we do our best work. Safety, and compliance with Australian Standards are our top priorities, so from the range hood to the exhaust fan and back again we pride ourselves on thoroughly cleaning the exhaust ducts to minimise the risk of a fire and eliminate dirty air.

Communication is key

Unlike most commercial HVAC cleaners in Perth, Kleenduct WA always make sure our clients have access to as much information as possible and we value the same in return. To avoid health issues from mouldy air conditioning, or fire risks from highly contaminated kitchen exhaust systems, it is crucial to know exactly what we are dealing with.

When a scheduled clean is coming up we stay in touch to book in the work around service times so the kitchen can continue with minimal interruption. To enlist any of our commercial services, get in touch today.