Summer Ready: A Spotlight on Kleenduct WA’s Air Con Services

WA’s scorching hot summer has finally arrived, meaning it’s more important now than ever to have your commercial air conditioning working at it’s very best and keep employees and peers safe. The best way of ensuring this is through regular cleaning and maintenance – prevention is better than cure! Kleenduct WA offer industry leading air conditioning services that provide a healthy indoor environment for both employees and visitors to your business. Below, we discuss the importance of utilising our air con services and what we at Kleenduct WA can do to help.

Why is air conditioning cleaning important?

It’s crucial to ensure that employees of your business have a healthy and safe indoor working environment. The level of humidity, temperature, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide effects this environment, which is why air quality testing and the cleaning of air conditioning systems is so important.

If your air conditioning system is not cleaned properly, it has the potential to have negative health effects on your employees. ‘Sick building syndrome’ is when occupants of a particular building experience an excess of chronic short-term and long-term symptoms, from irritated skin, eyes and throat to respiratory disease or even cancer. These symptoms result from prolonged exposure to dangerous chemicals, fibres or mould, hence why you cannot put off having your air conditioning cleaned.

How can Kleenduct WA help?

At Kleenduct WA, we offer a range of cleaning services for your air conditioning to ensure the health and safety of all your occupants. We are not here to waste your time, so we utilise an independent contractor to complete indoor air quality testing and ensure there is no fake generation of work.

After we receive feedback from the air quality testing, we at Kleenduct WA get to work. We clean all parts of your air conditioning system, which can include the cleaning of the Air Handling Unit, heating and cooling coils, the filtration components, the supply air ducting, supply registers and return air duct cleaning.

While we replace filters, all other components are cleaned using various methods, which could include high-pressure air, negative air vacuum systems, robotic whips and brushes and high-pressure water. Each air conditioning system is different, so our team of experts at Kleenduct WA will utilise the best cleaning method to ensure your air conditioning system receives a thorough clean and is performing at its absolute best.

Do not hesitate to contact Kleenduct WA, even if you feel your situation is unique. We will adapt our services to suit your needs, as we have done for clients in the past.

With summer finally here, there has never been a better time to contact Kleenduct WA and have your air conditioning system cleaned by expert professionals.