Preventative Maintenance with Kleenduct WA

They say prevention is better than the cure. When it comes to kitchen exhaust systems that is definitely the case. Preventative maintenance reduces the risk of fire and hygiene issues and keeps your business up to code, making sure you are properly insured should anything happen.

Ensure you’re insured

For most food safety regulations, commercial venues (restaurants, hotels, casinos etc) can refer to the Australian Standards. In this case AS 3.2.3 is supposed to cover premises and equipment used to serve food.

The trouble is, Australian regulations are different to State regulations, which are different again from individual insurance policies.
The smart move is to follow your business insurance policy. In the devastating situation where a health scare or fire impacts your restaurant it’s the insurer who will help you get back up and running. Failing to keep up with insurance requirements can leave you dangerously exposed to a non-compliance situation.

Kleenduct WA are the kitchen exhaust experts, helping large and small businesses stay compliant with the most thorough preventative maintenance services in Perth.

How preventative kitchen exhaust cleaning keeps you cooking

Grease, dust, and debris can quickly build up in commercial kitchen exhausts. Busy kitchens can prepare hundreds of meals in a day. There are a lot of components in the exhaust system that chefs and kitchen staff can’t see, which is why you need a professional exhaust cleaning service to get in and do the job properly.

To keep up with insurance requirements, these are some of the things you should have regularly checked:
• Cooking hood filters should be changed fortnightly, even weekly in busy kitchens
• Hood ducts behind the filters, all the way to where the air lets out, should be professionally cleaned at least every 6 months (this includes extractor fans and motors that can often be overlooked)
• Contaminated fryer oil ignites much easier than clean oil, so deep fryer oils should be changed weekly and filtered every second day (halve that time for large kitchens)
• Large equipment – fridges, air conditioners, cookers, dishwashers – need to be inspected at least annually
• Motors and pumps, including housings and cages, need to be well ventilated and clear from obstruction

On top of these regular maintenance requirements there are checks and balances every commercial venue should undertake. Fire blankets, fire extinguishers and safe entry and exit points – all of these and more, contribute to the safety of your venue.

Why commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is important

When you compare the Australian Standards with a normal insurance policy you will see one big difference: each individual insurance policy has specific requirements for cleaning and preventative maintenance.

You never want to put your livelihood in jeopardy by getting lax with kitchen exhaust maintenance. You may think horror stories about kitchen fires and vermin in the ducting are urban legend, but as Perth’s exhaust cleaning experts we know better. Some of the things we have seen and heard, from dead pigeons in the vents, to rat infestations in the roof, would shock even the most seasoned chefs.

How Kleenduct WA preventative maintenance can help

To avoid a horror story of your own it is vital to keep up with the required maintenance schedule. The minimum requirements set by Australian Standards aren’t enough; to properly protect your business from kitchen fires, stay compliant with insurers, and maintain good air quality in your venue, you need an expert kitchen exhaust cleaning company.
Kleenduct WA will ensure you are kept up-to-date with your insurer’s preventative maintenance schedule by booking in regular cleans and check-ups when you need them. Our kitchen exhaust services keep Perth businesses operating at the highest efficiency with no interruption. Contact our team today to book a consultation, and breathe easy knowing your kitchen exhaust is in good hands.