New Year, New Exhaust

The busy Christmas and New Year period has finally calmed down and with everyone returning to their jobs, now is the perfect time to have your kitchen exhaust cleaned like new again! Below, we discuss the importance of having your exhaust cleaned properly and just how Kleenduct WA can help.

The dangers of grease

One of the main reasons to have your kitchen exhaust cleaned thoroughly is the danger that grease poses. Not only is it unhygienic, it acts as fuel for a fire, meaning it is extremely dangerous in case of an emergency. If sparks or flames from your kitchen reach the build-up of grease, it can cause the fire to spread all throughout the network of exhaust systems.

Since grease is so dangerous for your kitchen and any workers or customers nearby, it comes as no surprise that regular exhaust cleaning is a legal requirement. Not only do we strongly recommend an efficient clean, but there are minimum standards outlined by state laws that must be abided by to ensure fatal fires do not occur.

However, these catastrophic situations can be avoided simply through the cleaning and servicing of your kitchen exhaust. At Kleenduct WA, our thorough and efficient service involves the cleaning of all components of your kitchen exhaust and a grease filter exchange. This removes all traces of grease from your system, which minimises fire danger.

What cleaning schedule should you be following?

Every month, there are important maintenance routines that must be followed. Grease filters need to be checked and filter exchange occur, gutters need to be checked for any accumulation of grease, all grease-arresting filters must be free of damage and in position and the internal surfaces of the exhaust have to be checked and cleaned.

Every year, the exhaust hood must be cleaned, filters need to be replaced if necessary and the entire exhaust duct must be cleaned properly. This Yearly requirement is the Australian Standard, but your insurance provider will also dictate the cleaning schedule that you should be working to in order to stay insured. Often it will be every 6 months but every business is different so make sure that you’re aware of your own insurance requirements.

This is where Kleenduct WA comes in. We are the experts in efficient kitchen exhaust maintenance and can perform all these tasks for you to ensure your kitchen is clean and, therefore, safe.

Signs it’s a time to clean

An excess amount of grease is the number one sign that it is time for your kitchen exhaust to be cleaned.

Kleenduct WA is a member of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA) and we adhere to all safety guidelines within this approved framework. The IKECA best practice system is to utilise depth gauges to identify whether a kitchen exhaust system is compliant to safety regulations.

By using a depth gauge, you can identify if the build-up of grease in your exhaust is unsafe.

Anything below 0.05mm of grease is considered clean and anything up to 2mm is acceptable. However, if your reading is over 2mm you should schedule a clean and immediate cleaning is required if the reading is over 3mm.

Knowing when and how to clean your kitchen exhaust can be difficult to get your head around, however Kleenduct WA are here to help. We are committed to clean, safe kitchens in WA that are free of any sort of fire danger. If you believe your kitchen doesn’t reflect legal requirements, it is time for you to contact Kleenduct WA and have your exhaust cleaned immediately.