Hayfever Season: Time for air-duct cleaning!

It is surprising, and a little concerning, what can lay trapped inside a business’s air-conditioning system. Pollen and an excess of dust and mites can easily make a work space and its employees or visitors uncomfortable or unwell over time.
In the past Kleenduct WA have seen the worst readings from initial indoor air quality testing and turned them into ultra-clean success stories. Perhaps it’s time you thought about air-con duct cleaning for your workplace? Apart from your insurance obligations, you owe it to the health of your staff.

The worst time for hayfever

It could simply be when someone’s in the midst of a sneezing fit, but hayfever season does have its peaks and troughs. While plants do pollinate year-round, spring is the number one time for mass hay fever outbreaks. Something has to carry the microscopic grains of pollen to our homes and offices. So firstly, keep an eye out for excessively windy days.
A wetter period during winter can cause more foliage to grow, therefore signalling more flowers bursting forth in spring. While a rapid rise in humidity can also be a contributing factor to bouts of hayfever.
Location can be a massive contributor to the severity of hay fever symptoms. Is your business in Geraldton? This is a prolific wildflower area so the pollen is guaranteed to be high. If your business is located in an open area surrounded by ryegrass, you’re a prime candidate for hayfever AND an indoor air quality test from Kleenduct WA.

What kind of hay fever sufferers are out there?

Some people are only allergic to WA grasses. Others can be susceptible to the pollen of wildflowers. The symptoms can vary from:
• Itchy, red or watery eyes
• Sneezing
• Headaches
• Itchy inner ears, nose or throat, and
• A runny nose.
Excess pollen can truly make life miserable for asthma sufferers. Good management during hayfever season may reduce the need to rely heavily on preventers but if breathing becomes difficult for you or your employees, we recommend seeking out doctor’s advice.

Air-duct cleaning: a top hayfever solution

Other Perth businesses have discovered the sure-fire way to protect against office bouts of hayfever, and that’s to seek air-duct cleaning from the experts – Kleenduct WA – to remove all pollen, dust, mites and mould from your air ducts.
Our highly trained service technicians will not leave until your ventilation system has been cleaned, serviced and maintained to a peak performance. No matter what the job, we will exceed your expectations.
And you will breathe easier.
For more information on air-duct cleaning or to be handed an obligation free quote, contact us today.