Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning


Kleenduct WA offer an extensive kitchen cleaning service for all requirements. If you are looking to clean or just rejuvenate your kitchen, we offer an all-inclusive cleaning service that is carried out by our trained technicians. We can offer regular cleaning schedules and one off deep clean services using fully approved chemicals.



Salmonella is a bacterium that is very common in a kitchen environment and is the genus name for the larger family of bacteria with more than 2500 varieties. Typical symptoms of salmonella infections can include vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea.



Listeria are a group of bacteria that thrive in a commercial kitchen. They are usually found in contaminated food and are a cause of food poisoning.


E Coli

E Coli can be contracted from eating raw meat and meat products such as hamburgers and from drinking raw milk. E Coli can cause a disease known as hemolytic-uremic syndrome and is a potentially fatal illness that can lead to anemia because the red blood cells and platelets are divided, leading to a low blood count. It can also cause seizures and kidney failure.


Kitchen Cleaning Service Overview

  • Kitchen rejuvenation
  • Cleaning all-inclusive
  • Carried out by trained technicians


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